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Bôba Mènde (Marcel Klein) was born in 1982 in Wiesbaden - Sonnenberg, Germany, and currently resides in Kassel, Germany.  As a multidisciplinary artist, Mènde’s work spans various mediums including photo collages, wood, stone, video art, writing and film. He is best known for his art installations that delve into themes of nature, emotional bonding, unity, spirituality, oneness, and friendship. His installations, crafted from natural elements like wood and stones, intricately weave together narratives of highlighting unity, emotional connectivity and sub-naturalistic endeavours. Through his art installations and artworks, Bôba encourages the next generation to follow the footsteps of ecological and social equality.

Bôba's artistic discipline encompasses painting, sculpting, drawing, collage, installation, and video, showcasing his versatility and deep engagement with diverse forms of artistic expression. His work is characterised by a conceptual approach that explores the concepts of love and unity, often reflecting a deep introspection and a quest for spiritual connection. 


Mènde studied Visual Communication at Academy of Arts, Kassel, Germany (2004 - 2012), understanding Film and Television, Animation, New Media, Media Art Class "Virtual Realities" under the guidance of Prof. Bjorn Melhus. He earned a scholarship from Griffith University QCA, Film School, Brisbane, Australia for Sound design, script development and drama production, digital production. 


Bôba Mènde's notable exhibitions include being curated by Silvia Grassi at the M.A.D.S Gallery (Online) in Milan, Italy, and showcasing Baby McDonalds in Times Square, New York, USA. His art has also found its place in private collections in Germany. Additionally,  Mènde works on significant projects such as the feature film "Docutopia" and its interactive - multiverse, find further establishing his presence in the contemporary art scene with his thought-provoking and emotionally resonant creations.



2004 - 2012: Visual Communication at Academy of Arts, Kassel, Germany

2007: Sound design; script development and drama production; digital production, Griffith University QCA (Scholarship), Film School, Brisbane, Australia



Selected Group Exhibitions

2022  Heal Mother Earth (Selection), BLACK CAT Award International Film Festival, La Paz, Brazil

2021 Heal Mother Earth (Semi-Finalist), International Moving Film Festival, Khuzestan, Iran

2020 Heal Mother Earth (Selection), White Unicorn International Film Festival

2020 Save Birds…Save Nature, West Bengal, India

2020 Maracay International Film and Video Festival, Venezuela

2016 Die Erde Zur Nacht, Cinematheque – Novam Artem, Copenhagen

2014 Collages & Calligraphy, VII Biennale, Internazionale d`Arte di Ferrara, Ferrara, Italy

2014 Das gläserne Restaurant & Commonische Kost, The Eatable Social Sculpture, Kassel, Germany

2013  Video installation WhereEvAuR Classic in Galeriefest, FBI, Kassel, Germany

2013 Collages, Contrasti Simultanei Tre, Idearte Gallery, Ferrera, Italy

2012 Examensaustellung_II, Kulturfabrik Salzmann, Kassel, Germany

2012 Examensausstellung_I, Hessen Akademie, Kassel, Germany

2010 Kreutzersonate, Kusthalle Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany

2010 Video cycle III – Kantholz (Schwer), St. Elisabeth Kirche, Kassel, Germany

2010 Video cycle II – Kantholz (Feucht), St. Elisabeth Kirche, Kassel, Germany

2010 Video cycle I – Kantholz (Dunkel), St. Elisabeth Kirche, Kassel, Germany

2009 Kreutzersonate, European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, Germany

2008 Luftverdichter, Hannover Kunstverein, Hannover, Germany

2008 Luftverdichter, Dokumentar & Video Fest, Kassel, Germany

2008 Emergency Exitm, Caricatura Galerie für komische Kunst, Kassel, Germany

2005 Kinderspielplatz BKS, Rundgang Kunsthochschule, Kassel, Germany


Selected Collections

The Snail, in a private collection, Kassel, Germany


Selected Publications

Carmela Brunetti, “Conversation with the artist Bôba Mènde” in Art on World Magazine (2023)


Tausende kamen zum Tag der Erde, in HNA (2014) (

La Nuova Ferrera (2013)

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