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Biography NJ


Nick Johns, (born 1969), United Kingdom is a contemporary artist residing and working in Cardiff, Britain. His works are tense, outspoken, and figurative. Nick’s research is contextualised within the continuities of strong political values, harmony and admiration of creators. His works highlight the hypocrisy alive in the current political environment, (sometimes on a satirical note), his love for simplicity & harmony. Through drawings, paintings and art installations, using mixed media, Nick creates sites of discourse to question the assumed permanence of current political climate. Through the paintings of animals, Nick emphasises on the ethereal simplicity thereby putting the spotlight on harmonious living against the current tide of individualism. His paintings and drawings carry a great esteem for the honest creators who laid down the value system of our contemporary society. The paintings strongly manifests the internal conflict and the struggle within the continuities of the existing cross-movement of human ego and natural advancement.

Johns has gathered a huge fan-following on in the recent years through his artworks, amassing 100k+ followers. His artworks have been a point of discussion and engagement among the followers, creating long discourses among the masses. In a span of 4 years, Nick has created more than 300 artworks in the form of paintings, drawings, and art installations. Johns is known for creating powerful and impactful works of art. His works has gone to numerous private collections in United Kingdom. In 2024, Nick had an exclusive feature on a podcast - Compounding Square, on which he shared his artistic journey inspiring the young artists and defining his works’ impactful relevance in the current cultural realm. In 2023, Nick’s works have been published in Embers of Hope - an art and poetry book. In 2023, Finding Joy - an illustrated children’s rhyming book published Nick’s works. Both the publications are currently available on Amazon.

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