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Peter Malmberg, (born 1967), Arizona, USA is a contemporary artist residing and working in Perry, Iowa. His works are serene, sublime and abstract. Pete’s research is contextualised within the continuities of simplicity of village surroundings against the tolling urbanisation. Through paintings and mixed media, the works reflect the serenity of natural surroundings. With the landscapes and abstractions, the artworks explore the dance of horizon providing the viewer a window with endless view. Pete’s works create sites of moments in nature that has existence beyond the temporal dimension.


Peter completed his M.A. American Studies from University of Wyoming in 1993. Malmberg has gathered more than 24 years of experience at Dallas County Conservation as a Museum Curator.


Peter Malmberg has exhibited in numerous exhibitions both solo and group across the globe. A few recent and notable exhibitions are Mega Art Gallery, Rome, Italy, Spring (2023), Six online Teravarna Gallery Online shows (2022 -2024), Art Farm Hawaii Virtual Show-Spring (2023), Polk County Heritage Gallery, Des Moines, Iowa winter, Central Iowa Show (2023). His works are in numerous private collections and is currently represented by SK art studios, India.

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