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Stephan van Kuyk was born in 1988 in Basel, Switzerland, and is currently based in Berlin, Germany. He is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in installation art and mixed media within the realm of pop art. Van Kuyk's artistic discipline involves using laser-cut MDF, mixed media on canvas, acrylic paint, and markers to create visually striking pieces. He is best known for his Neon Gods Collection and Galactic paintings, which feature neon complimentary colours like shades of yellow and purple, depicting a joyful drama while highlighting consumeristic ideology. His artworks are designed to fit household and office walls seamlessly.


Van Kuyk's artworks are characterised by their inspiration drawn from gods, pop culture, important contemporary language slangs, and symbols of events. His portfolio includes important projects such as the Neon Gods Collection, Galactic paintings, and the David David series of 10 editions. Through his art, Van Kuyk explores themes that resonate with modern society's fascination with consumerism, popular culture, and the language of contemporary symbols.

Stephan van Kuyk's work has been exhibited in notable venues including Epiphone custom Art Guitars, Berlin, Germany; This is not an #nft - solo show, Berlin, Germany; Tropical Bacanal, solo show Art von Frei Berlin, Berlin, Germany; Eggo art Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Hybrid art Fair, Madrid, Spain; and Pop art fair, Brussels, Germany. His pieces are sought after by various private collectors worldwide, reflecting the global appeal and recognition of his artistic vision. Kuyk founded thenon-profit collective Artist Stop Being Poor focusing on educating artists on how to better navigate the art business, organizing exhibitions to showcase their work, and fostering artistic exchange by hosting international artists to create works and exhibits in Berlin.



2010-2013 Visual arts – oriented to painting, Universidad Nacional del arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2010 -2013 Graphic Design & visual communication, Fund de ciencias comerciales, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Selected Achievements

2024 Seibert Collection Catalogue (Publication)

2024 Murals (Collections), Berlin Volksbank

2023 Interior design project, cafe, Berlin, Germany

2023 Epiphone guitars (collaborative project), Berlin, Germany

2023 Murals (Collections), the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, Kuwait

2023 Bright Moments (Group Exhibition for artists from Argentina), Berlin, Germany

2023 Murals (Collections), Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra headquarters, Sweden

2023 Murals (Collections), Grundschule Junior School, Berlin, Germany

2023 Tape art workshop, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2023 International artists in Berlin (Group exhibition for 57 artists - organised and curated), Berlin, Germany

2023 Take-over festival, Festspielhaus Baden-Baden Opera House, Baden-Baden, Germany

2022 How to build a successful art career (Talk), Berlin, Germany

2022 Murals (Collections), Tape art festival, Helsingborg, Sweden

2022 This is not an #NFT (Solo Exhibition), Nhow Berlin, Germany

2022 Installation design, Salon del Automobile, Paris, France

2022 Pitch fest for local artists, Berlin, Germany

2022 Tape (art workshop), Berlin, Germany

2022 Mural (Collections), 2-week art workshop for the Nordic Cultural Senate, Helsinki

2022 Mural (Collection), German public television, Olympia Stadium, Berlin, Germany

2022 Murals (Collection), upFest street art festival, Bristol

2022 Mural (Collection), Frankfurt rooftop, Frankfurt, Germany

2022 Mural (Collection), Puma Germany headquarters, Germany

2021 ART TRUCK contest (Finalist), Berlin, Germany

2021 Art phonebox installation for brand, Berlin, Germany

2021 Berlin TV tower (Group Exhibition - Curated and organised), Berlin, Germany

2021 Mural (Collections), Braunschweig, Street art festival

2021 Murals, Steffi Graff tennis stadium, Berlin, Germany

2020 Group exhibition (100 photos - curated and organised), Berlin, Germany

2020 Interior art installation, Rosenthaler Hotel, Berlin, Germany

2019 How to be a successful artist, (Workshop), Madrid, Spain

2019 Art container (Installation), Nhow Hotel, Berlin, Germany

2019 After Dark (Live Show), Nhow Hotel, Berlin, Germany

2019 Art bottles (Collection), 23 Vodka

2019 Graffiti (workshop), Berlin, Germany

2019 Bad Supper Club web-series (Hosted and produced)

2019 Art meets Science event (Hosted and produced), WeWork, Berlin, Germany

2019 Business & Beers meetup series (Hosted and produced)

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