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The art world can often be highly challenging to navigate. We interact with artists almost every day who are finding that their hard work and passion doesn’t payoff with success. Our expertise, network, insights and experience in the art world provide us with ability to identify critical areas of your approach towards the art world and fix them.
As a result, SK art studios offers advisory services for artists, providing 1-1 personalised consulting offering tangible & specific actions, analysis report, tool kits to manage inventory, pricing, sales, and plans. We review your work frequently to create a written analysis before conducting sessions with the Partner Siddhant Khattri in a 1-1 video call or personal meetings. SK art studios understands the requirement of structuring the approach of an artist before entering into the art world. Hence, we are committed to providing special and one of a kind strategic insights for artists who seek to grow their venture.




Market research report

Market research report

Artists focus on creating art works investing more than 80% of their time in art studio. In order to navigate in the art world, it is important to learn about the latest developments.
SK art studios conducts extensive research and provides the artists with the latest information in the art world. The market research report includes the following:

1> Generic understanding of the art world.
2> Social Media strategic insights - people to follow, important galleries, art events.
3> Insights on important art fairs, galleries, openings, art events, museum, artists.
4> Artists palette - innovative mediums, latest trends in thematic works, futuristic works
5> Collectors repertoire - mention of great collectors, their style of collection and taste of collection.
6> Galleries - important galleries to follow and attend to. Insights on different themes of art presented by diverse galleries.

Delivery period: 2 business days

Service: Market research report

Euro 50,00

Improve your CV

Imprve your CV

Artists dedicate a lot of time searching for the right kind of art contests, exhibitions, residencies, and art fairs to participate in. SK art studios understands the value of time for the artists. Based on the location, stage of the artist, and requirement, our experts research a list of contests, biennale's, residencies, exhibitions, open calls, art fairs.

We understand the critical importance of improving your points on CV before you approach established galleries or collectors.

Delivery period: 7 - 8 business days.

Service: report including lists of relevant opportunities for the next 2 months.

Requirements: Personal details including location, number of artworks created, photographs of selected artworks, requirement in terms of contests, biennale's and more, selected collections and exhibitions participated in the past.

Euro 200,00


Artists often experience hassles in the first step itself - how to make a professional portfolio?. As an artist, we tend to create portfolios that include extra information, 100s of artworks and have a fancy presentation. In the art world, these types of portfolios are frowned upon. It is considered unprofessional to approach any established gallery, collector, museums, art contests or dealers without considerable preparation.

SK art studios is dedicated to helping artists create a professional portfolio. After an extensive research in the art market, we innovated a technique of mapping relevant elements in your artworks, bio, statement, and cv to create a standard portfolio. We closely engage with the artists and follow a step-by-step process to create a professional portfolio. Below, we describe the steps in detail:

  1. Submission of artworks: The artist is asked to provide HD photographs of artworks, for the review, clicked in a certain format with the details mentioned about the artwork. 

  2. Business Plan sheet: SK art studios shares a business plan sheet to understand the vision, mission, goals and inspiration of an artist. These data points become the valuable insights to be used in the creation of portfolio.

  3. Form Submission: critical details such as residential city where the artist is practicing, birth year, selected exhibitions, shows, gallery representations are submitted by the artist through a form shared by the representative expert.

  4. Selection of artworks: Selection is the key to creating an impactful portfolio. Our experts engage with the artists to identify consistencies among the available artworks and their theme of work. Accordingly, art pieces are selected for creating a portfolio.

  5. Biography: We understand the artists's mission, vision, goal and the impact they wish to have in the society through their artworks. Our experts conduct a call with the artists and gather relevant information, resulting in a suitable biography, artist's statement, cv creation.

  6. Portfolio: Experts at SK art studios prepare, based on the above-mentioned insights about the artist, a professional portfolio for the artist. 

The portfolios made by SK art studios are highly relevant for submissions for gallery representations, sharing them with collectors, art contests, residencies, dealers, museums and more. The process of creating a portfolio takes about 1 week.
Once you book the service, our team will get in touch with you within 1-working day of booking the service.

Delivery Period: 7-10 Business Days

Euro 150,00


Professional Services

Professonal Services

Siddhant Khattri, founder Partner at SK art studios, researched the requirements of materials for artists before they approach the art market. He realised that the importance of having an industry approved format of presenting artworks through websites, portfolio, bio, cv, descriptions of artworks is crucial especially at the entry level.

Our first interaction as an artist with any important stakeholder in the art world happens through our portfolio, social media, and website. 
We, as an agency, are committed to providing the requisite repertoire of professional services to fully equip the artist before they present their works or network with individuals in the art world.


  1. Website: Website forms the first impression for an artist. Hence, following the market standards, we create a website for you that highlights your professional approach towards the art industry. 

  2. Portfolio: We create a portfolio in alignment with the website, theme of the artist, mission, vision, and goal while selecting the relevant works of art to present to the art world. Our portfolios are highly efficient and impactful in terms of the right format, representation and professionalism. 

  3. Social Media: Our experts share an action plan with the artists on how to strategically use social media - Instagram in an effective manner. Many collectors, according to our research, are identifying the artists through Instagram. Our action plan will be a bundled recommendation on what kind of posts, stories, frequency of post, whom to follow, connect with galleries one can have as an artist on Instagram.

Once you book the service, the process involves the following:

  1. First communication: We will appoint an expert for you to have a call with. The expert will dedicate the time to understand your style, your mission and vision with your art. 

  2. Documents and artworks: The expert will share a business plan sheet for the artist to fill in along with HD photographs of artworks with the relevant details and descriptions. We ask for details for your CV such as selected exhibitions, solo shows, publications etc.

  3. Creating website/restructuring: The process of creating the website starts. It usually takes 1 week to complete the whole process.

  4. Portfolio: Based on your style website, we start investing our knowledge into creating a professional portfolio for you.

  5. Social media action plan: after understanding your style of work, we recommend an extensive action plan to be implemented for your social media. 

Delivery Period: 28-35 business days from the booking

Euro 300,00

Tool Kits

Tool kits

Based on our interaction with many artists, we concluded that organising an artistic journey is a crucial element. On the top of it, when artists start navigating in the primary market - selling their artworks, pricing strategy plays a huge role.

SK art studios brings to you a set of tools exclusively customised to your style of art, stage of the artist, and current market situation. These tools are made using MS-Excel, easy to use and personalised for the artist.

  1. Pricing Strategy tool: Our experts formulated a strategic tool that artists use on MS-Excel to price their artworks. Many artists are individually entering the primary market offering their artworks to collectors. SK art studios equips artists with a tool to use for pricing their artworks before offering the value to buyers. We firstly stage the artists based on the details provided and design a custom MS-Excel tool to strategise pricing of their artworks. Right value is determined according to the industry standards.

  2. Inventory Management: SK art studios is committed to organising your work. Our experts created an inventory management tool for the artists to organise their studio. As an artist, it is important to manage your artworks in stock, their values, availability, quantity and more.

  3. Networking tool: Our pool of artists use a tool developed to manage visits to the openings, art fairs, galleries and more. As an artist, you can keep a record of contacts, visits, appointments, targets, and other art events in a structured manner.

Our experts get in touch with you within 1-business day of booking the service to understand and personalise tool kits according to your needs. Kindly note that the tool kits mentioned above are not an exhaustive list. Based on your requirement, we create tools specifically for you.

Delivery Period: 2-3 business days

Euro 400,00

Profile Analysis

Profile Analysis

Siddhant Khattri, founder & partner at SK art studios, is personally involved in analysing your profile as an artist providing you with detailed insights, key elements of growth & 1-1 personalised consultancy.

  1. Profile analysis report: Based on the artworks, stage of the artist, SK art studios conducts a profile analysis and creates a report for your perusal. This report includes detailed insights on colour compositions, studio layout, pricing, social media strategy, areas of improvement, consistencies & more.

  2. 1-1 personalised call with Siddhant Khattri: The profile analysis report is discussed on a zoom call with the artist. The approximate length of the call is 1.5 hours. 

Euro 349,00

Advisory Services

Cotractual Services

SK art studios is dedicated to harnessing your talent, exposing your works across the globe, professionalising your approach. We strive to harness your talent and present it to the right people.
Our service includes:

  • Design your Mission, Vision, Goals: We assist you in designing your Mission statement, your vision to have the kind of impact you wish to have on the society through your artworks and more.

  • Professionalise Services: At SK art studios, we take care of those aspects. We create a professional website for you according to the industry standards.

  • Networking: On behalf of you, we will be visiting galleries, art fairs, contacting collectors. After filtering out relevant artists, dealers, fairs, galleries and providing a reference, we ask you to contact those galleries, collectors, dealers. You can use the tool kits to plan your visits in a much more efficient way.

  • Strategise pricing: We know how difficult it is to price an artwork. Don’t worry, we have got tools made on MS Excel that will help you price your artworks according to the industry standards.

  • Design Solo shows, group exhibitions: We help you in designing your solo shows. Providing tools and marketing techniques to invite guests, collectors, digital marketing, pricing, installation and logistics, merchandising, creating story line.

  • Representation in exhibitions: SK art studios exhibits in various art exhibitions.

We offer our services on the following terms and conditions:


  • 1-year contract

  • Bundled Services: All services come under one package.

  • Non Disclosure Agreement on certain elements of our contract will be signed. For instance - price formula, index number, inventory management tool, networking and references.

  • Tenure: Our contract is applicable for 1-year from the date of payment of upfront fee.

  • Call scheduling: may vary depending on our availability. Our recommendation is bi-monthly calls.

  • Our motto: is to assist in your growth trajectory.

Qualification of the artists: To learn more about the qualifications, kindly contact Peter Malmberg, consultant at SK art studios.

Peter Malmberg

Upfront fee + 10% commission on the final selling price of the artworks

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