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Tatyana Palchuk, (born 1954), Latvia, is a New Renaissance’s Master from Baltic residing and working in Riga, Latvia.

Her works are realistic, representational and composed. Tatyana’s practice involves series of artworks that highlight the harmonious relations established among the still life, instruments and women. Her works are contextualised within the existence of simplicity in lifestyle, music, dance, objects and women. Through drawings and oil paintings on linen canvas, the works create sites of euphonious interplay among different forms of feminine manifestations.


According to the Global Art Network, USA - From the world's artistic heritage Tanya is very close to the Italian Renaissance, Northern Renaissance (15th – 16th century), French Illuminated Manuscripts (15th century). She has exhibited her compositions in twenty-four counties and participated in numerous international group exhibits, solo shows and global contest.

Palchuk has studied art at Rozentals Art School, Riga, Latvia in 1967-73. Among her teachers are notable figures such as Imants Vecozols, Pēteris Postažs, Boriss Bērziņš, Edgars Iltners and academic Eduards Kalniņš. She has been among the few who have done the Masters course with the Academic of USSR Academie of Arts Eduards Kalniņš.

Tatyana is proud to have had the honour and uncommon luck to visit and grow artistically at the academic's home, studio , and also meet Masters visit her at her small studio of only 12x2 meters in Elizabeth Street apartment. The experience and knowhow given by these art grandeurs has been invaluable and it has helped Tatyana to grow the one and brilliant art figure, which she has become. Her works are in collections in many countries, like-wise in repositories of the Russian Art Union and Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. During the peak years of creativity Tatyana had an excellent success at international competitions and art markets (last time, sells in Top 15, Ravenel Auction House and Hessinks). She has conducted significant exhibitions along with participating in international painting exhibitions in New York, Rome, Palermo, Antwerpen, Spain, Denmark, Deutschland, Taiwan, Czech and other world art centres. Tatyana has won numerous awards and recognition throughout her artistic career. She has won Artist of the Year award at Circle Foundation for the Arts in February 2024. She has been certified by Museum of The Americas, Miami in 2022. In 2019, she won the Woman Art Award at balvu un piedalīsies.


Solo shows

2022 Iecava Culture Hall, City Day Celebration

2022 Bauska Museum, Latvia

2022 Rundale Multicultural Centrum, Latvia

2021 Rundale Multicultural Arts Center

2019 Regional Museum “Rezekne”Retrospective”

2019 Iecava Culture Hall, Homeland

2019 Bauska Museum, Retrospective, Latvia

2017 Homeland, Iecava Art School Exposition Hall

2015 Iecava Culture Hall- Solo Show, Latvia

2015 Valmiera Museum

2014 Regional Museum “Rezekne” Retrospective SoloShow

Selected Exhibitions

2015 International Biennale , Palermo, Italy

2015 Roma Imperiale International Prize, Rome, Italy

2014 Boticelli Prise ,Rome , Italy

2013 International Biennale in Verona Italy

2013 Art Takes New York (2-months Expo hall)

2012 Participate Yicca 2012

2012 Art Takes Time Square, New York U.S.A.

2012 Exhibition “Agora” Gallery Chelsea New York, USA

2011 Exhibition, “Librart” Libramont ,Belgium

2011 Exhibition “Sons of Contemporary” Rome, Italy

2011 Exhibition international art contest “Grifoni” Rome, Italy

2011 Exhibition “ Makslas Bardaks” Latvian Artists Union Gallery

2011 “Agora” New York, Chelsea, USA by the Latvian Artists Union “Autumn” and “Spring”

2011 Art Exhibit. Paint of the Year Riga Latvia

2004 Art Fair "Lineart", booth of Tifana Art

Selected Collections

Dogs Portrait, Riga, Latvia
In Shadow of Apple Tree, Riga, Latvia
Spring, Riga, Latvia
Still Life with Blue Tit, Riga, Latvia
Still Life with Chinese Teapots, Riga, Latvia
Still Life with decorative Pumpkins, Riga, Latvia
Still Life with Figs and Japaneese Quince, Riga, Latvia

Still Life with Goldfinch, Riga, Latvia

Awards & Recognition

2016 1st “Prince Of Salinas Gattopardo”Art Critic Award, Italy

2016 Artavita International Art Contest, USA

2016 Inspiration International Art Book, UK,USA

2015 Art Competition - international fine art juried competition

2015 Sandro Boticelli Prize, Florence, Italy

2015 Roma Imperiale International Prize, Rome, Italy

2015 Giubileo mostra per Papa Francisco, Rome, Italy

2015 Bienal De Arte Barcelona, Spain

2015 Premio Della Critica, Italy

2014 All India International Art Exhibition, India

2014 Premio Della Critica, Owner Art Magazine, Italy

2014 A Portrait for great Art's Masters, Italy

2014 The first European Art Exhibition, Denmark

2014 1st Biennale D'Arte Principato Di Monaco, Monaco

2014, The Best 2014.Modern And Contemporary Artist, Italy

2014 “Passion to Perform”2014 Int.Art Cop.Yamana Company, Canada

2014 2nd International Biennale Art of Palermo, Italy

2014 1st Italian Biennale of Creativity, Italy

2014 Trofeo “Il Tempio”, Italy

2013 Premio Michelangelo, Italy

2013 Year in Review 2013 “See Me International, New York, USA

2012 Art Takes Timesquare – See Me International, New York, USA

2012 Yicca International Art Contest, Italy

2012 Gallery Makeda International Art Contest, Palemo, Italy

2011 Gallery Agora, New York, USA

2011 International Award "The Grifoni", Rome, Italy

2011 “Odierna Sons of Contemporary “, Rome, Italy

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