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Biography YZ


Yi Zhu was born in Beijing, China, in 1958, where he is currently based. He is a contemporary painter and printmaker, specializing in oil on canvas. Zhu is best known for his artworks that depict deconstructivism and reconstruction of figures. His works create a parallel world that challenges the rigidity of Newtonian reality, often featuring harmonious color palettes that bring the viewer into agreement with this proposed version of reality. 


The subject matter of Zhu's work revolves around disrespectful intrusion, exploring themes of deconstruction and reconstruction. His important projects include the Disrespectful Intrusion series, Red Cloth series, New Species series, and Construct a State of Mind series. These projects showcase his ability to break the rules of rigidity in thoughts, bringing fluidity to reality through his visual language.

Yi Zhu's art has been featured in notable exhibitions such as Art Expo New York, Art Basel Hong Kong, Taipei International Art Fair, Art Basel Miami, MONACO Art Fair, and Luxembourg International Art Fair. His work is collected in private collections in New York, including pieces like "Fisherman's Wife", "Peachy Pink", "You Give Me Thoughts and Desires", "Food Chain – After Meals", and "Portrait". He has also participated in prestigious events like the Luxembourg Art Prize and received recognition as the Best Solo Exhibitor at Art Expo New York in 2023.

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