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SK art studios is an agency for visual artists and galleries established to provide tailor-made resources - collaborations, strategy, consulting and more.

As strategic partners to the galleries, we facilitate collaborations among galleries aiding in market expansion and cost reduction with a central focus on artists. We share our specialised insights about the art world with the artists to help them continuously grow in their venture.

SK art studios is formed by management professionals who have delved into the art world as collectors, consultants, art event managers and collaborators to galleries.


The agency has a vision to dissolve the boundaries in the art world by harnessing the power of galleries through collaborations with our primary focus being on artists / with a focus on artists.


Siddhant Khattri



Siddhant Khattri, established SK art studios in 2024 following a 10-year strategy oriented career and a 6 years experience in running his own art studio. During his stint with his art studio, he was deeply involved in establishing strong relations with people in the art world.


Siddhant has gained extensive knowledge in the art world and utilises his creative problem solving techniques sharpened with his work experience with roles encompassing sales strategy, marketing campaigns, heading operations, partnering with product innovation teams for companies such as Anheuser-Busch InBev.


Siddhant is an alumni of the prestigious Indian School of Business with majors in Strategy & Leadership. Siddhant has organically developed a vision for the art world to assist in the growth of great artists and galleries.

Peter Malmberg


senior strategy consultant

Peter Malmberg, senior strategy consultant, brings 24+ years of experience with him of working with Dallas County Conservation as a Museum Curator. He is closely connected with artists across the world, a great admirer and great supporter of their works. He has led large scale projects and is himself an artist.


Pete's art is inspired by the rural landscapes surrounding him in Iowa. After completing his M.A. American Studies from University of Wyoming in 1993, he joined Garfield Farm Museum as a Museum Operations Director. He brings in an experience of curation, operations and understanding an artist journey.



collector's consultant

Delia LaJeunesse, collector's consultant, is the founder and lead consultant of Subvert, from where she spearheads a vision to revolutionise the art-buying experience, making it personal, accessible, and unpretentious. Her journey in the art world commenced during her tenure as the executive director of a non-profit arts organization. It was here that she discerned a pressing need for thoughtfully curated art collections that are both accessible and affordable.

With an unpretentious approach to art collecting, Delia firmly believes that art should resonate on a personal level, forging meaningful connections with individuals and their living spaces. Rejecting the notion of art as exclusive to the elite or confined to museum walls, she champions the idea that all people should experience the profound benefits of living with art.

George Ranalli


a collaboration

George Ranalli, is an American Modernist architect, industrial designer, curator, contemporary installation artist, and forensic expert. Born in 1946, he resides in New York, where he earned his Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute in 1972 and a Master of Architecture from Harvard University's Graduate School of Design (1974). Additionally he studied at the New York Institute of Technology between 1967-68. With over 40 years of experience, Ranalli has received numerous awards, including The Pulse of the City Award for Excellence from 2016 to 2019, and the Stanford White Award (2012) from the Institute for Classical Architecture & Art, for his work on the Saratoga Avenue Community Center. In 2015 he was inducted into the American Institute of Architects, College of Fellows. His work has been featured in notable exhibitions at institutions such as The Denver Art Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, and Canadian Center for Architecture, showcasing his diverse talents and contributions to the field of architecture.

Ksenia Drobyshevskaya


senior gallery consultant

Ksenia Drobyshevskaya, senior gallery consultant, is an marketing consultant with a rich background in the art world. She honed her expertise through roles at prestigious institutions like Christie’s auction house in Paris and various art galleries including Nicolas Silin Paris, Polka Gallery, Galerie Itinerrance, and others. Her contributions extend to the cultural media landscape, having written for publications such as Numéro magazine, Polka magazine and Artonworld. Additionally, she offers her insights and guidance to artists, aiding them in strategic planning and business development. Through her multifaceted career, Ksenia remains a dedicated advocate for the arts, bridging the gap between creativity and commerce.

Alexandra Kadinopoulou


junior strategy partner

Alexandra Kadinopoulou is an artist and researcher based in Greece. At 20yo she received a Bachelors in Fine Art from the Kent Institute of Art & Design, UK, which included an eye opening student exchange to Salamanca, Spain. After a mentorship with painter/engraver Takis Tsedemaidis, she became assistant manager at Tint contemporary art gallery (former Terracotta) and later on Head of Sales and Communication at Donopoulos International.Fine Art. Alexandra is passionate about community engagement, which led her to cooperate and lead in experimental art programmes such as Weekends at the MMCA (Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki)  and the Foundation for Youth and Lifelong Learning (ΙΔΕΚΕ Greece). For a decade she collaborated with international middle schools such as the École Française de Thessalonique M.L.F., the Anatolia College and others, to educate her local community about the necessity of art in everyday life, especially in the public domain. Since 2006 Alexandra has kept a private studio, creating figurative works on canvas, primarily in oil paints.



art dealer

Jessica Abbey, CEO of Abbey International Enterprises, a Public Relations Firm based in Miami and New York that focuses on the promotion and recognition of culture through the arts. The platform supports both blooming and established talents in the industry with the ultimate goal of connecting them to international galleries, art events & renowned fairs. Abbey International Enterprises contributes to the exposure of a variety of cultures but primarily focuses on Latin American art recognition.

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